The We Are All Human Foundation (WAAHF) marks its fifth consecutive year at the World Economic Forum in Davos as an officially recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Since its release at Davos 2019, over 300 companies have endorsed the Hispanic Promise Framework. This year, in collaboration with Bain & Company, an updated 3.0 version will be introduced to follow up on the previous year’s discussions and commitments. The new version is now fueled with (i) a vision of what ‘best-in-class’ looks like in each of its six pillars, (ii) a clear assessment for organizations to identify where they need to focus, (iii) detailed tools & resources for making progress and (iv) a clear roadmap for smooth implementation.

The Hispanic Promise Framework Defined

“The Hispanic Promise Framework is helping leading companies in the United States recruit, hire, promote, and retain Latino talent,” said Hernan Saenz, partner at Bain & Company. “By doing so, they are tapping into one of the largest and fastest-growing talent and entrepreneurial pools in the market. This updated framework responds to the requests of signatories and provides tools to assess starting position, understand and deploy best practices, and engage meaningfully with the network of global leaders. We hope that many more companies and institutions will join the network this year to help us accelerate and capture this exceptional opportunity.”

We Are All Human brings its 4th Hispanic Delegation to Davos, prioritizing the importance of unity and the representation of Latinos in global decision-making. This delegation aims to ensure that Hispanic voices are heard and that Hispanic leaders have a seat at the table when decisions impacting their communities are made.

“It is crucial that companies with business in America know the significance of investing in and tapping into the Hispanic demographic as a key for substantial growth. We are here to infiltrate Hispanics on the global agenda and strive to emphasize the collective strength of the Hispanic community,” said Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder & CEO of We Are All Human Foundation.

This year’s Hispanic Delegation includes Martin Cabrera, CEO and Founder of Cabrera Capital Markets, and Miguel Alemañy, Founder and CEO of Innomatrix LLC. CEO, SHPE,, Patricia Mota, President & CEO HACE, Dr. Robert Rodriguez, President DRR Advisors LLC; Rocío van Nierop, CEO Latinas in Tech, Selene Benavides, CFO, ALPFA Foundation Inc-, and Monique Herrera, Chief External Relations Officer, SHPE.


In conclusion, the We Are All Human Foundation’s presence at the World Economic Forum in Davos marks not only a milestone of five years as a recognized NGO but also a significant step forward in advancing the Hispanic Promise Framework. With over 300 companies endorsing the framework since its launch in 2019, the collaborative efforts with Bain & Company have resulted in an updated version, Hispanic Promise Framework 3.0, designed to empower organizations in recruiting, hiring, promoting, and retaining Latino talent. This year’s delegation underscores the importance of unity and representation, ensuring that Hispanic voices are not only heard but also integral in global decision-making processes. As the Foundation continues to champion the collective strength of the Hispanic community, the diverse voices and leadership represented in this year’s delegation reaffirm the commitment to fostering inclusivity and driving meaningful change on a global scale.